Enjoy this excerpt from Bear’s forthcoming book – 26 Rules of Maliness

Just in case you missed the memo, the patriarchal toxic male must now be sissified, pacified and nullified. From the moment that a toddler first reaches for a stick and makes it into a sword to fight imaginary dragons, society scolds him not to be aggressive.

Society intervenes between a young boy and his nature by saying “Don’t show your toxic masculinity too early, after all you may not even be a man. You need to first decide just where you fit in on the gender continuum. You may not be a himself, you might be a herself of even a perself. There is no such thing as manliness, we threw that out with the patriarchy, there is just person-ness.”

I was walking along the beach, about a year ago, and I took great delight in witnessing a young toddler pick up a stick and start sword fighting a scraggly beach bush. To him it was a bad guy and he was the avenger for good. It brought back memories of my own childhood fighting evil and being a champion for the good in my superman cape. I would come home after a long afternoon out at play with my face muddied from sweat and dirt and then boldy walk into the living room like a conquering hero. I did not even notice the trail of dirt following behind me as it flowed out of my rolled up jeans.

As I observed the young boy continue his battle with the bush, his young father leaped into the fray with his son. I thought this is so cool, he is going to join in the pretend fight with his son but instead I heard these pathetic words.“Son give me that stick, we do not hurt nature.” I wanted to throw up. He just hurt and injured his son’s nature.

It seems that now the ambitious and aggressive young boy must be emasculated from his youth onward by quieting his impulses with medication, he must be made to sit still in a classroom, he is forced to shut up and to just regurgitate information back to his teachers rather than explore life in a mentally kinesthetic environment. The number one lesson he learns in school isn’t the alphabet but rather to be tolerant and to be ever so careful not to ever offend anyone about anything.

He is taught that disagreeing with anyone about anything is hate speech. There is no absolute truth or absolute morals. Natural law is a bigot. Everything is relative. His worthiness is measured by his agreeability and niceness.

He likes to think that there is no God, especially not a personal one who desires something for him and from him. He certainly doesn’t need a God who just might know better than him about what gives his life meaning.

He let others do his thinking for him as he concedes to the peer pressure thought police. There is no real search for truth, how can there be? No one gets to disagree with each other, that would be too offensive. If someone does dare to disagree with him, there is always a safe place somewhere on campus where he can go.