Aloha this is Bear Woznick coming to you from my home in Waikiki with a Deep Adventure moment. One of my closest friends, great surfer by the way ,Gerard Middleton, loves the Lord. He was raised by a mother and father that he deeply loves especially his father. They did so much together. But these weren’t his biological parents. We was adopted. Just a couple months ago he discovered and got to meet his biological mother and found out who his father was who had recently passed away. You know he loves his parents.

In Hawaii when you’re adopted the word that’s used is hānai you were hānai’d into the family. I actually live on Queen Lily Oh Kalani’s estate. My house is built on her estate. She was not a biological child of the Kamehameha lineage. She was hānai’d into that family and when she was hānai’d in, in a lot of ways when you’re a hānai’d child you’re actually considered more special or more important because you didn’t happen. You were chosen to come into that family.

Jesus says, the Bible says, that we have been given the spirit of adoption wherewith we cry out Abba, Father. When I’m in Israel I hear the little children call their father Abba, Abba. When the disciples said, “Jesus teach us how to pray,” he said, “Pray like this. Our Father.”

Our Father in heaven he’s a loving God. He isn’t an angry God that you need to appease. He’s a loving God that you want to please. He wants to grab you and take you on adventures. He wants to see you expand your horizons and explore new possibilities. Your father has made you part of the royal family with the power and the blessings that come with that. You can pray and you can see miraculous things happen. Welcome to the family of God you are hānai. This is Bear Woznick with