Weaponize Your Rosary | Mark Hartfiel of That Man is You!

Weaponize Your Rosary | Mark Hartfiel of That Man is You!

July 24, 2021


You’ve heard Bear mention the significance and mission of That Man is You! on the show before, but in today’s episode, you get to hear it straight from the source. Mark Hartfiel, the Content Director of the That Man is You! program and Vice President of Paradisus Dei, joins Bear to share his journey with That Man is You!. Mark shares how the program has developed over the years to the current format and the ministry’s pivots during the pandemic. This packed episode doesn’t stop there; the second half of the show is all about the Rosary. Mark shares how his new book, The Hinge of the Hail Mary: The Art of Praying the Rosary, teaches readers to weaponize the Rosary through intentionality and focused contemplation.

Here are a few highlights:
1. God forms men through the brotherhood of other men.
2. How to start your local That Man is You men’s ministry
3. Expanding on Saint Pope John Paul II’s teachings on the Rosary

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