Tandem Surfing: What is tandem & surf how to

Tandem Surfing: What is tandem & surf how to tips, life in Hawaii, and how he fuels up.

Best known as the founder of International Tandem Surfing Association & Tandem Master World Champion, Bear Woznick doesn’t restrict his body to just one discipline. He is also a Ninja Blackbelt, Scuba Diver, Sky Diver, Distance Cyclist, Open Ocean Paddler and Private Pilot. His love for adventure starts with the Ocean, but inspires him to push his limits elsewhere.

Tandem Surfing Hall of Fame Induction Interview

Tandem Surfing: To lift, protect, and display the beauty of the woman as she trusts in him

Several years ago, I sat on the beach in Waikiki observing the sacred surf where nearly one hundred years earlier a young Duke Kahanamoku leaned down, lifted a young surfer to his shoulders and began the rebirth of tandem surfing.  I had just come out of the water after tandem surfing.  I felt refreshed. The ever present manna (power) of the ocean and the still lingering manna of the great tandem surfers that had surfed these very waters in earlier times flowed through the texture of my soul.

It was rare to see anyone else tandem surfing these waters.  So often after a tandem surf, the beach boys would come to me and tell me of earlier times of the great tandem surfers of the fifties, sixties and seventies.  But now, as the sunset over these waters I could not help but feel that tandem was fading over the horizon with it.

I was like a man searching for the Holy grail. Where were the great tandem surfers of the past?

A new Hawaiian chant sings about restoring the ancient walls of the Hawaiian people.  To do this you need to find the Nihau; the foundation stones. In tandem surfing the man is like the Nihau stone.  He reaches back in time to the ancient visceral DNA inside of him and taps into that very masculine desire, to lift, protect, and display the beauty of the woman as she trusts in him. He is the foundation on which the woman rests.

So in tandem the man is lifting and carving, slicing through sometimes heavy water. In contrast the woman trusts in him to bravely and athletically hold her form in perfect stillness and calmness.  The man displays the woman’s beauty.

The women utilizes her graceful power to leap into position and uses her core strength while at the same time sensing and flowing with her partner’s energy.  The man flows with the wave’s energy and the woman senses that flow through her partners body flows with it too.

The men are great surfers and athletes, displaying strength, balance, wave knowledge and ocean safety.  The man has his focus; to surf, lift and balance while the woman has hers; to hold her position and lock it in with beauty and grace.  They each rely on one another to do their jobs and do it right every time.

I revived the ancient Hawaiian art of Tandem Surfing first by co-founding the International Tandem Surfing Association (ITSA) World Tour and then by founding Bears Aloha Tandem Expression Teams. Tandem shows us that  two-gether we can do great things.

How does Bear fuel his body to achieve greatness?

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