Aloha! We are born into a battlefield. We are born to be warriors. There was a war in heaven and the enemy, Satan and a third of his angels, these demons, were cast down onto this earth. When Jesus was born, he was born as a warrior. He came though as an infant. This tells you how much we have on our enemy!

Once I was in my hotel room. The door opened up and a BIG guy about 6’3” walked into my room. I said, “What are you doing this isn’t your home.” He walks in four more steps. I’m standing up and I’m thinking to myself, I’m taking a personal inventory. I’ve been running seven miles every day, I’ve been working out physically two hours every day, stand up paddling, surfing, and beach workouts. I did an inventory of my spiritual life. Am I ready to meet God?

You need to do the same inventory yourself. We are in the midst of the battle and if you don’t know that you’re already in trouble. Are you doing your training? Are you doing your hour of power every day as Archbishop Fulton Sheen said? Are you in the presence of the Lord? Are you spending time with God? Are you reading the Word? Are you doing the Liturgy of the Hours? Are you saying your rosary? Are you going to Mass? Have you been to confession?

Are you ready to fight the big fight because it’s all around you whether you know it or not? Our emphasis needs to be on seeking God, being in his presence, and being ready. This week take that spiritual inventory and make plans to improve so you can win the battle.