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Witness to fitness – Dallas Carter

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I think in life sometimes we get hit right between the eyes with a reality check. When that happens we realize we need to make some changes. That’s what life is all about…growth and change. Such was the case when Dallas Carter faced reality and shed 200+ pounds. I’m anxious for you to [...]

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Take a spiritual inventory

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Aloha! We are born into a battlefield. We are born to be warriors. There was a war in heaven and the enemy, Satan and a third of his angels, these demons, were cast down onto this earth. When Jesus was born, he was born as a warrior. He came though as an infant. This [...]

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Jesse Romero – Load up your toolbox! – Watch Now!

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Men you are standing in the breach between the devil and your family. Be a man with a disciplined prayer life. Be a contemplative thinking holy thoughts throughout the day. Put on sacramentals. Read the Bible daily. Go to Mass every week. Quit making excuses and be a man! Jesse Romero joins [...]

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