Sunset Prayer

1-1256485976IMthAloha! I love my early mornings; I get up, and I grab a cup of coffee, I do my Liturgy of the Hour then I hop on Facebook Live and teach the Catechism with a great group of followers. You know what I really look forward to? I look forward to sunset. I go down to the beach just before sunset, and you know what I do?

I open up my iPad, put in my earbuds, and I listen to the Office of Readings and I pray. Then I pull out my rosary, and I pray some more. Best of all, I spend the next couple of hours with my friends. One of my best friends is Saint Augustine. Another friend is Saint John of the Cross. John was a gnarly guy who was imprisoned because of his love and passion for God….by other monks!

I love to hang out with my friends. I love to listen to Saint Therese of Lisieux or read Catherine of Siena or more modern authors like Scott Hahn or Peter Kreeft. I look forward to that two hours or so on the beach at night where I am in the presence of the Lord.
I’m not in the presence of sinners or scoffers as Psalm 1 says, but I’m sitting with wise people and partaking in their wisdom. I love this time of sacred reading, and I take that moment, and it causes me to stop and say, “Lord I just love you so much.” So, this week I challenge you to spend time in sacred reading with the Lord. There’s no substitute for listening and enjoying the time in His presence. Until next week, Aloha!