“Deep in the Wave” gets all the RAVE

“Bear shares his love for his greatest passion, the ocean, with all those he meets and in the pages of this book. His enthusiasm for life is infectious and his love of the ocean undeniable.”

Chuck Inman, two-time tandem surfing world champion

“Find out how one man enjoys the highs, embraces the lows, and survives and grows from the inevitable wipe-outs. Whether you surf or not this book will challenge you in new ways to let go, dive deep, and give your all to God.”

Melody Green, author, speaker, songwriter

The essential spiritual life-hack book to give your student this year


August 27th, 2015

You can’t forget the stories Bear Woznick uses as analogies for the wild adventure God has in store for us when we abandon ourselves to his will for our lives. Bear’s best-selling book Deep in the Wave – A Surfing Guide to the Soul will guide your non-surfer (as much as your surfer) into the spiritual adventure of a lifetime, that will last a lifetime. 

Don’t you wish you could just download your own life lessons onto a chip, insert it into your kid’s cranium, and hit the “upload” button?

Us too.

The goal isn’t to intimidate, scare, or undo the years it took to convince your kid you really do know everything. The hope is that by the time our impressionable kid graduates and becomes an impressionable adult, and, as musician Tom Petty put it, goes “Into the great wide open” he’s battle ready.

How do we spare him the trouble and heartache we encountered? How do we make him really believe that God knows him intimately, and knows what he’s going through? That God knows the challenges he will need to overcome, the pressures he will experience, and the relentless temptations he will encounter?

It sounds like a threat, like a fear tactic. But it’s not. We know how very real spiritual warfare is because we’ve been up close and personal with it. Many will be fighting for your beloved’s attention. Going into the fall we pray that God’s voice will rise above them all, that God will provide a way when it seems there is none, that God will protect him in his travels, and that God will use him for His purposes!

If you listen to Bear’s live weekly radio show, or listen on demand to podcasts from his weekly radio show you’ve likely heard him tell true tales about 80-foot waves, epic wipeouts, and sharks circling below his surfboard. Bear has the most unique ability to use his adventures as metaphors for life; in a way that anyone can relate to. Even if you’ve never even seen the ocean!

Bear knows that abandoning yourself to God’s radical adventure requires a team. And followers of God must lift each other up, pray for each other, and team with each to prepare like we would for a sport, so that the enemy, prowling around looking to devour, has no foothold.

Send your graduate paddling into the upcoming year with Bear Woznick, as he bears uses his incredible stories on and off the water, encouraging us to abandon ourselves to God and get ready for God’s wild adventure!

You can buy Bear’s book on Amazon in print, eBook, and Audible (narrated by Bear himself!), starting at $10.