Steer through the fog

walk-fogAloha! I recently returned from a trip to my home in Hawaii or as we call it…..paradise. Usually it’s 84 degrees, the trade winds blow across the Pacific Ocean and it’s SO beautiful. It can be hot and yet there’s a cooling breeze and even sometimes a little spritzing, a light kind of mist, falls on us in the middle of a sunshine.

I remember a time when for about forty days we had vog which is volcanic fog. The wind blew the ash from the volcano on the big island out to sea and brought it back right into Waikiki. At times we could hardly see across the bay. My eyes got watery and I had to squint. I could taste it in my mouth. You couldn’t sleep that well because of all the humidity. We were suffering! It was kind of a bad time.

There were other times in my life too. I was sailing one time and suddenly I could see a bank of fog coming towards me. I turned my sailboat towards home, set it to the right compass setting and suddenly the fog was all around me. All I could do was keep my eyes constantly on that compass. This was before the days of GPS.

There come times in our lives when we experience a fog or worse yet a vog. You have trouble breathing the air of the Holy Spirit. Times when you are having difficulty knowing which way you should go. That’s the time when you abide in God’s presence. That’s the time when you read his word. When you stay the course. When you keep your true north and when you remain as a virtuous person. You press on in the only direction that will lead you home by staying in your relationship with Jesus Christ and abide in His word.