Aloha! This is Bear Woznick. I remember surfing at Waimea and hearing the sounds of helicopters. Usually what that meant was someone was in trouble somewhere. The helicopters were coming to the rescue. Right now standing here four or five Coast Guard type helicopters flew from Oahu heading towards the Big Island. The Big Island in the last few days has been experiencing eruptions that we haven’t seen since the 50’s. Suddenly, the earth is shaking beneath the homes of the people. The earth is opening up and lava is spewing forth fountains of lava and ash. We’ve had vog in the last week or two where the ash from the volcano comes all the way over to the island of Oahu and it kind of affects our breathing and our ability to see.

The earth is trembling, the earth is shaking on the big island, tremors many of them every minute.

We look around us and we think that our life is just solid. We look at concrete, and we think it’s concrete, we think it’s solid. We look at our job or we look at our family. We look at our country, we look at our lives, and everything just seems so solid. The greatest Emperor’s in the world thought they were on top of the world, and everything was so safe, and so solid.

The fact is though that everything is moving around. Everything is shaking around except for the rock that doesn’t roll, the rock that doesn’t move, the rock that is the cornerstone of the Church. That rock is the rock of Jesus Christ.

I’ve been to the tomb of Jesus. I’ve actually been able to go in a little bit into the tomb of Jesus. This is the rock that’s unmovable. When Jesus came to earth, when God became man, and stood in solidarity with mankind he laid down a fortress that we can run to. One we can stand on, and we know that it’s firm. Don’t trust in the shaking of the earth around you. Trust in the unshakeable power, and faithfulness of God.

This is Bear Woznick with a Deep Adventure moment.