Rocket Launch


Aloha! Once a friend of mine was speaking on prudence here in Cocoa Beach, Florida.  We were outside, and I could see in the background the Kennedy Space Center with all of its launching pads. I was thinking of all the great space shuttle and rocket missions that were launched from those pads. When thinking about those great space adventures, the thought occurred to me that you really don’t need the virtue of prudence at all in your life unless you want to be bold.

You don’t need prudence if you’re going to sit in the back seat and not have a passion project, an apostolate, a ministry or work that you are doing for the Lord. You can just sit back and do nothing. It’s the people that are on a wild adventure that need prudence.

Before you fly an airplane, you go through a pre-flight checklist that checks every little detail on that plane. Before you go skydiving, your check your main and reserve chutes. Before you ride big waves, you check out the direction of the swell and the interval between big sets.

People who want to be bold are the only people that really need prudence. If you want to be lazy, you want to have a mediocre life, you do not want to follow God’s will and you just want to kind of cruise through life you don’t need prudence. Just lay on the couch and be a couch potato.

If you want to live the wild adventure of God’s Will, you need to be prudent. You need to have a pre-flight checklist. That’s where you check in with the Catechism of the Catholic Church. When you go through that you’ll know what God is requiring of you. This week spend some time with the Catechism and find out what God wants of you.