Recreation can lead to Re-Creation

Recreation can lead to Re-Creation

May 9, 2019

Hi everybody! It’s the Bear coming to you from the office side of my house on Waikiki Beach. I think God made Hawaii for a very particular reason. When people come to Hawaii they come for recreation and re-creation.  People come here and visit me and when they do we go surfing or go out on an outrigger canoe maybe even go skydiving. Something a little bit adventurous.

Then what I’ll do is have them write a letter to themselves about their goals, kind of a life script for the next year or maybe the next decade or this next season of their lives.  Then I ask them to write a letter to the Lord. I do this so they can re-create themselves. In other words to have some time of recreation, hopefully a little adventure, and re-create perspective on what their philosophy of life is.

I’ve always carried leather-bound blank books with me and write in them to do my own re-creation and to gather my thoughts. Give it a try. Until next time, Aloha!

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