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Pilgrimage to Greece

Follow me on YouTube beginning on May 15 as we journey to Greece on pilgrimage. We will be posting on the road videos as we travel next week and throughout the trip.  Starting with Paris Notre Dame Cathedral I'll then head to Greece where we will follow "In the Footsteps of St. Paul" with [...]

What’s the TRUTH?

Enjoy this excerpt from Bear's forthcoming book - 26 Rules of Maliness Just in case you missed the memo, the patriarchal toxic male must now be sissified, pacified and nullified. From the moment that a toddler first reaches for a stick and makes it into a sword to fight imaginary dragons, society scolds him [...]

What is the meaning of true wealth?

Wealth is not about how much money you have. Wealth goes way beyond that into solidarity. The understanding that we are all part of the human race, and support of one another is vital for our survival. This week I talk story with Tom Gryp, CEO of Notre Dame Federal Credit Union, [...]

Learn some detachment!

Want to spend eternity with God? Than learn some detachment! Follow along as I teach from the Catechism of the Catholic Church. In this video we cover Paragraphs 2542 to 2548. For more of my teaching on the Catechism of the Catholic Church check out Ocean Sunrise Catechism videos on YouTube. And don’t [...]

Recreation can lead to Re-Creation

Hi everybody! It's the Bear coming to you from the office side of my house on Waikiki Beach. I think God made Hawaii for a very particular reason. When people come to Hawaii they come for recreation and re-creation.  People come here and visit me and when they do we go surfing or [...]


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