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Bear is interviewed on his own Show | God Calling You to Action

BWA482 The tables get turned on Bear as Bill Snyder interviews Bear about how God is challenging and leading us during these gnarly times. Here are a few takeaways: 1. What should be our response as the world seems to be sliding into chaos. 2. No time for wishy-washy Christians. 3. How you can be [...]

Jon Leonetti – Get Over Yourself

BWA481 Bear & Jon talk about having a certain disinterestedness in ourselves and our agenda and how to love and serve others for God's sake. Here are a few takeaways: 1. Turn our focus to God. 2. When we do not feel capable, God is capable. 3. Serve others for God's sake. Watch past [...]

Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers – Be Bold for God

BWA480 Get out of your safe place and get bold for God. Bear and Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers are calling men in this episode to true brotherhood and standing up to the darkness that is invading our society. As you are faithful in small things, God trains you and prepares you & SENDS you to use [...]

Mike Aquilina – Early Church Response to Pandemic Wars & Persecution

BWA479 Bear's number one returning guest and expert on the Early Church, Mike Aquilina discusses how the early church responded to the darkness and persecution of it's time. A few episode highlights: 1. Why we use the word "Caritas" for the word "Love" 2.The Early Church faced a Pandemic, Wars & Persecution 3. Augustine's [...]

Dr. Scott Hahn – Hope to Die

BWA478 Dr. Scott Hahn's new book "Hope to Die" is the last book Bear's Dad, Deacon Greg Woznick read before he passed away a few months ago. It was his guide into Paradise. Scott & Bear discuss the 4 Last Things in detail; Death, Judgement, Heaven & Hell. What is the first judgement? What is the [...]

Dr. Peter Kreeft – Using Philosophy & Scripture to Answer Atheism

BWA477 As atheism spreads its wings of darkness, as the crow that attacks the dove with more and more boldness, the Children of the Light must shine out as lights to be his witnesses. As Peter said, we must have a REASON for our faith. Society has begun to use all kinds of ways [...]


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