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Young Man Steps Up To Battle for the Faith (Vincent Roberts)

EPISODE 453 Bear talks with young men about Plato's Cave & how we need to wake up to the Reality of Christ. Vincent Roberts tell us how he felt compelled to be a witness to his generation in his new podcast "Out of the Cave" Mama Bears this is a great episode to share [...]

Valiant Men Change the World (Fr Sinclair Oubre & Andy Sonnier)

EPISODE 452 God is at work to form small bands of brothers meeting together regularly to challenge and equip each other in the faith and to be sent out to boldly proclaim Christ's moral teaching and love to a fallen confused world. Watch past episodes of the Bear Woznick Adventure! I want to thank [...]

Fitness to Witness (Dr. John Oertle)

EPISODE 451 If you want to fulfill the mission God has for you, you have to get real about your level of fitness. Too many become disabled, die young or are just too lethargic to be effective in what God is calling you to do. How to eat well and stay in shape. Watch [...]

Protestant vs Catholic Challenge (Karlo Broussard)

EPISODE 450 Cajun musician and Catholic Apologist Karlo Broussard talks story with Bear about his encounter with Christ as a young man in the presence of the Eucharist. The fire of his faith propelled him to more deeply understand the reasons for his faith. He is now an apologist with Catholic Answers defending the [...]

St Joseph Model & Helper to Men (Fr Don Calloway)

EPISODE 449 Surfing priest Father Don Calloway talks about Saint Joseph the Terror of Demons as a role model who challenges, and by his intercessions, helps men. Find out what we can learn about being a father and spiritual head of our households from Saint Joseph. Learn more about Father Don Calloway at his [...]

Intersection of Sports and Faith (Bruce Wawrzyniak)

EPISODE 448 There were some pretty gnarly dudes in the Bible. They never took the easy path in life. In fact Paul likened his journey of faith to an athlete saying he had "fought the good fight and finished the race." There's is a great amount we can learn in life from the intersection [...]


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