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Sunset on the way to Ephesus

We are enroute to Ephesus and had to share this awesome sunset. For more of my thoughts on just about anything check out Unchained videos on YouTube! And don't forget to hit the Subscribe button that and appears below the video and be a part of the ministry!

Do you pray together with your wife?

Do you pray together with your wife? Things happen when a husband and wife pray together. Make it a part of your walk with Jesus and become fully committed to him. Check out more of my Deep Virtue moments on YouTube! And don’t forget to hit the Subscribe button that appears below the [...]

What are the roles of men and women?

I have a question for you. Have you ever thought to yourself what are the roles of man and woman? Approaching that question with an open mind reveals a lot. Men and women are both equally human and yet they are different. Women are more oriented towards people and the personal. Men [...]

Sunset Prayer

Aloha! I love my early mornings; I get up, and I grab a cup of coffee, I do my Liturgy of the Hour then I hop on Facebook Live and teach the Catechism with a great group of followers. You know what I really look forward to? I look forward to sunset. I go [...]

Push back against the falsehoods of society

Are you tired of people not speaking up when truth is being knocked down? I am and so is my guest this week. Nicholas Di Iorio is frustrated. He finds the 350 young men he teaches at La Salle Academy in New York are confused. Everything in society is telling them to [...]

A path of freedom and meaning

Pornography takes the place of having to risk any sort of relationship with a real woman. There is nothing wrong with Pornography. It is just something everyone does. Take no worries that some poor woman is being subjugated, medicated with drugs and trafficked.  It’s just a victimless pleasure.  He takes no offence at the [...]


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