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Take a spiritual inventory

Aloha! We are born into a battlefield. We are born to be warriors. There was a war in heaven and the enemy, Satan and a third of his angels, these demons, were cast down onto this earth. When Jesus was born, he was born as a warrior. He came though as an infant. This [...]

Michael Westrick – Catholic Entrepreneur and Adventurer

When it comes to business we need to understand that people are not simply cogs in a wheel….they are human beings. This is a very Catholic concept and one not always followed in the business world today. I met Michael Westrick at a Legatus meeting and knew I just had to have [...]

Testing our painting skills

Testing some deeply hidden skills with paints and brushes. How did we fair? You be the judge! For more of my thoughts on just about anything check out Unchained videos on YouTube! And don't forget to hit the Subscribe button that and appears below the video and be a part of the [...]

Stay in clear waters

Once, I was on my board paddling out off the shore of Florida and a shark brushed up against my leg. When sharks do this they call it taking a  sample. I guess it was a poor one as he rejected me! He didn’t like my taste and he swam off, surfaced a bit, and [...]

It’s okay to fail

I hate to sound biased but Waikiki is one of the happiest places in the world. Why? Because here we are not afraid to play! Check out more of my Deep Virtue moments on YouTube! And don’t forget to hit the Subscribe button that appears below the video then click share and [...]

A MacGyver tool for a manly life

Enjoy this excerpt from my forthcoming book – 26 Rules of Manliness I headed down to my local bicycle shop in Thousand Oaks, California to pick up my bicycle that was being tuned up before I headed out on my two thousand eight hundred mile bicycle pedal from San Diego California to Jacksonville Florida. I [...]


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