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Being Battle Ready | Doug Barry

BWA494 Bear is joined by his friend, Doug Barry of Battle Ready, as they talk about what it means to be prepared, physical, emotionally, spiritually. Men, as protectors, providers and leaders in your home you need to watch this episode!! Here are a few teasers from this episode: 1. Training in self defense for physical [...]

Men Leading Their Domestic Church | Bishop Joseph Strickland

BWA493 Bishop Joseph E. Strickland of the Diocese of Tyler, Texas joins Bear to discuss Bishop's path to his priestly vocation and he shares what men can do to lead their families deeper in the Lord. Here are a few teasers from this episode: 1. Bishop working on car in his youth & the resulting [...]

The Regular Catholic Guy | Jeff Garrett

BWA492 How fishing, hunting and mountain hiking formed solid brotherhood and in seeing the benefit helped launch small men's groups such as That Man is You! at his parish. Here are a few highlights: 1. Going on adventures with his friends. 2. The need for men to join together in small groups to challenge [...]

Innovation in Ministry | Matt Smith of OSV

BWA491 Matt discusses Tolkien's Hobbit and how we are all called to an adventurous story. This leads to a conversation about the need for pioneering ideas in sharing the Gospel and pioneers in ministry. Here are a few highlights: 1. A former English lit professor discusses Tolkien and our own story 2. Why we [...]

From Heavy Metal Rocker to Bland Christian | Matt Swaim

BWA490 Matt talks about his days as a Christian rocker, his conversion to Catholicism, the difference between Protestant & Catholic worship & oh, yes, we talk fly fishing and how to be fishers of men! Here are a few takeaways: 1. Christian heavy metal rocker & host of the EWTN Son Rise Morning Show [...]

Men, Lead Your Families | Adam Minihan and David Niles from The Catholic Man Show

BWA489 Two long-time friends, Adam Minihan and David Niles from The Catholic Man Show, sit down with Bear and chat about their favorite manly beverages and how God used their friendship to start a radio station and show. Adam and David share how they are learning to lead their young families in Christ & [...]


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