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Weaponize Your Rosary | Mark Hartfiel of That Man is You!

BWA500 You've heard Bear mention the significance and mission of That Man is You! on the show before, but in today's episode, you get to hear it straight from the source. Mark Hartfiel, the Content Director of the That Man is You! program and Vice President of Paradisus Dei, joins Bear to share his [...]

Refuting Critical Race Theory | Deacon Gerard-Marie Anthony

BWA499 Deacon Gerard-Marie Anthony from the Diocese of Arlington sits down with Bear to tell his story. Through the suffering of a negative health diagnosis, Deacon Gerard discovered a joy and love for the Cross and made joy in the Lord his mission. The conversation doesn't end there...Deacon Gerard and Bear dig deep and [...]

Sales Exec and Cocaine User Turns to Jesus | John Edwards

BWA498 On the fast-track of his successful career as a sales exec, John Edwards finally hits a wall. This is a transformative story about a man that turned his life away from cocaine & turned to Jesus. He continues his path toward Jesus through his ministry Just a Guy in the Pew that helps [...]

The Adventure through the Bible | Jeff Cavins

BWA497 Jeff Cavins talks about Gods plan for your life and NOT watering down GODS WORD. It's time for us to proclaim the Truth with the Holy Spirit working through us. Here are a few of our takeaways: 1. We read the bible but the bible reads us too. It's a mirror to our [...]

Faith and Reason | Mike Aquilina

BWA496 Catholicism is the Thinking Man's Religion Three takeaways from this episode: 1. What we learn from the Apostolic Fathers besides ZZ top type beards 2. Jesus revelation, Greek logic. and language nuance 3. The Early Church Fathers battle for the Purity of the Faith Watch past episodes of the Bear Woznick Adventure! I [...]

The Attack on the Patriarchy | Jesse Romero

BWA495 Where is the attack against men & fatherhood coming from...And where is it leading to? In this episode: 1. God is truly Father to His son. 2. Men are meant to be servant leaders, protectors and providers. 3. The Manly response to this attack Watch past episodes of the Bear Woznick Adventure! I [...]


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