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The Church in Compression | Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers

BWA509 The Holy Spirit is at work to deepen the commitment and joy of the Church. Here are a few highlights: 1. Times of silence before the Lord before you roar 2. The Church is experiencing compression as the Holy Spirit works to deepen the faith and action of the Church 3. When God [...]

Freedom from Addiction and Returning to the Church | Eddie Trask

BWA507 Eddie Trask talks about his drifting into addictions and his return to the faith. Here are a few highlights: 1. Living a double life hiding his addictions from his wife 2. Confusion of searching for the true faith among protestants and then discovering the teaching authority of the Catholic Church 3. Sharing the [...]

Ukrainian Catholic Priest | Fr. Jason Charron

BWA506 Fr. Jason Charron shares his journey to a deeper walk with God and his calling to be a Ukrainian Catholic Priest. Here are a few highlights: 1. The unity of the Catholic faith among its different faith communions 2. Fr. Jason Charron shares his journey to a deeper walk with God and his [...]

Catholic vs. Protestant Teaching of Salvation | Rick Akins

BWA505 Award-winning author, Rick Akins, contrasts Catholic and Protestant understanding on salvation based on Romans. Bear and Rick also discuss why it's important for ALL Christians to stick together against the current culture of our world. Here are a few highlights: 1. Is the "faith alone" Protestant teaching presumption not faith? 2. Is man [...]

Fitness to Witness | John Acquaviva

BWA504 Exercise physiologist and professor John Acquaviva joins Bear to discuss health as well as the hot topic of transgender sports competition. Here are a few highlights: 1. Exercise first - Then you will naturally change your eating regimen 2. Fitness to Witness - Must be in shape to fulfill your mission in life [...]

The Man That Brought Bear Back To The Church | Steve Ray

BWA503 A story of conversion, reversion, and, of course, adventure. Bear's Dad, Deacon Greg, gave him a special book that sent Bear roaring back to the Catholic church. "Crossing the Tibre" by Steve Ray is the author of this book that has transformed countless lives and brought so many to the Catholic faith. Here [...]


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