Partner With Bear Woznick & His Ocean Sunrise Catechism!

Pour yourself a cup of coffee and wake up with Bear Woznick DAILY on Facebook Live at 7 a.m. BT * as he takes viewers on a journey of teachings through The Catechism of the Catholic Church.

You’ll hear the sounds of the beach and encounter Christ while hanging out on Bear’s back deck off the ocean as the morning sun rises up over the horizon. You’ll also have the opportunity to join in conversation with viewers from around the world around topics of faith while Bear answers your most challenging faith questions LIVE.

*7 AM BT – Bear’s Time: whatever ocean Bear is at.

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Daily Ocean Catechism

When you partner with Bear at this level you help support his efforts to lead you & your family on an engaging adventure through the Entire Catholic Catechism. As a partner you’ll get:

  • Bear’s Mug Club Coffee Cup
  • Early Access to Video of EWTN’s “The Bear Woznick Adventure” Radio Show
  • Autographed book: Bear’s “Deep Adventure – The Way of
    Heroic Virtue
  • Quarterly Video Group Hang out with Bear
  • 10% Store Discount
  • Weekly Email
  • Invite to Annual Luau
$10 Month | I’m in!

A community forms along the daily thread with the comments about that days shows. People don’t just watch they participate by asking questions, making comments and through day posting about special prayer needs and words of encouragement.

The show remains up on Facebook and is also available on the Bear Woznick YouTube Channel.

The catechism gets a bad rap. Some say it is too complex and it hurts our brains to try to understand. But Bear invites you to paddle out with each morning to break down the catechism line by line on a four year journey through the powerful insight of the magisterium of the church.

This is the Catechism like you’ve never experienced before!