Heroic Virtue Mug Club

Why Give?


nowing that you are “Stepping into the Breach” with us financially to help one of the most unique and effective evangelistic outreaches in the world today.

  • A Mystery Mug of Our Choice
  • Weekly Deep Virtue Video Segment
  • Posting Access to Bear’s Heroic Virtue Mug Club Facebook Page
  • Occasional Two Way Video Chat Group Meet-Up

Heroic Virtue

“There are two types of Virtues proposed by the Catholic Church: Cardinal Virtues and the Theological Virtues. The Cardinal Virtues are Justice, Self-Mastery, Prudence and Fortitude. The Theological Virtues are Faith, Hope & Love.
Each Virtue plays an important role in our relationship with God and others, and each calls us deeper into the wave of God’s unexpected adventure for our lives. By choosing to live virtuously, by intentionally seeking to develop the seven Virtues in our lives and hearts, we are choosing to immerse ourselves in God’s will.”

I Want a Mug

But I really like discounts too. A $99 gift annually will make a big difference in this world! 

I Want a Mug

Because mugs are great, and $10 a month towards a good organization is more than awesome.