Today I want to talk to you about our Mother…. Mary. It’s amazing that Jesus Christ was formed within her. As Christians, we are actually part of the body of Christ. If she is the Mother of God, she’s the Mother of the Church. If Jesus was formed in her and we are part of the body of Christ, in a very real sense we are being formed within Mary as well. Her prayers, her intercessions, her travails for us are so very real.

The reason why we see Mary as such a powerful part of our life is that she is the spouse of the Holy Spirit. She conceived Jesus by the power of the Holy Spirit. Think about that!

We know that a good woman really brings out the best in a man. She supports her husband, she’s standing by him, she’s with him. We see Mary as being the spouse of the Holy Spirit. Jesus said wait until the Holy Spirit comes and on Pentecost the Church was birthed. Mary was right there in the Upper Room when Pentecost came.

We recognize now as being the age of the Holy Spirit. We see Mary as being very prevalent in this age because Mary is the spouse of the Spirit. She’s standing with her spouse in the midst of today’s spiritual battles. She is supporting the Holy Spirit’s efforts and working salvation into the hearts of the people. Until next week ride the wave of the Holy Spirit!