Bear Woznick and his pack rev up for a cross-country motorcycle adventure through the deepest and remote terrains of America in pursuit of brotherhood & virtue.

Join Bear on this adventure. You’ll meet policemen, Ironman athletes, chemical engineers, priests & other members of the pack plus experience Holy Spirit orchestrated surprise encounters along the way.

As seen on EWTN, Armed Forces Network.

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What if the Truth of the Gospel radiated from every moment of a reality show?

World Champ Surfer Bear Woznick & young sidekick, Tony Orband, roll thunder on their motorcycles from the Atlantic Coast of Florida to the Pacific Coast of California returning on the same route that Bear had pedaled his bicycle fifteen years earlier. Bear will return to the first place that the wonder of God opened to him as a youth on the shores of Monterey Bay.

“Look in the Church Pews. Look in our homes. Where are our Men? Where are our young men? Where are our current and future manly leaders?”

Men have lost their way.

Society tells them we don’t need you and we certainly don’t need your manliness.   Men have found themselves isolated and lonely, and not able to open up to one another in order to encourage and challenge each other to servant leadership, to go deeper with God and be God’s man.

If men turn on the television, they flip right by the Christian Channel because it does not capture their attention. There is no cinematic video or gritty content to hold their attention. Let’s face it.  It’s boring.    The teaching may be good, but for the most part it is just talking heads.  People don’t watch it, they tend to listen to like a radio station if at all. It’s great if you are already on a journey with God, but it does not grab the attention of the channel surfer who needs to find God.

Dramatic TV is so hard to do.  It requires a good script, actors, wardrobes, sets and the fact is most of what we see looks like a high school play. 

Christian Television desperately need a fresh approach. EWTN for example, goes into 186 million homes, but how many watch it for more than a moment?   

Deep Adventure Ministries Inc and our show “Long Ride Home with Bear Woznick” grabs and holds the attention of the viewer long enough to draw them in and captivate their interest to watch the whole show.  If you do not first entertain, you do not have a chance to call people to deeper and deeper conversion.

Making the challenge even more urgent is the fact that the forty and younger crowd does not even watch TV. More and more people only watch TV for news and sports and look to other sources for entertainment.  Who will create TV shows that are quality enough to be acceptable to alternative distribution channels such as iTunes, Amazon Prime and Google Play. There are over a hundred million subscribers to these types of outlets.

Deep Adventure Ministries delivers compelling content on nearly every available platform.

The Solution.

Jesus said “Go out on the highways and compel them to come.” That is what Deep Adventure Ministries, Inc is doing with Long Ride Home. We are rolling thunder down the highways reaching out to souls as we go, modeling manly Christianity, capturing this all on video and presenting the Gospel in a compelling new way that reaches outside the walls of the church. Who else is doing this?

Motorcycles are loud, they are manly and the men who ride them are too. Saint Francis once said, as he was going into a village to preach the gospel that he would only use words “when necessary.” I have heard people use this as a cop out for not verbalizing the Good News.

“What if the message was gritty enough to grab men’s attention? What if the truth of the Gospel radiated from every moment of the show as the men live out their lives on camera?”

But look around you. It is time. IT IS NOW NECESSARY!! IT IS NOW NECESSARY FOR THE CHRISTIAN MESSAGE TO BE HEARD. IT IS NECESSARY BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE. Let the Motorcycle engines rev as a call to men to rally together. One man at time. First one man and then another joining him and then another and then another.

What if there was Reality TV that had true to life Rocky Balboa type of drama rather than the petty drama of Hollywood reality TV. What if the Reality TV show had Nat Geo and Top Gear type of Cinematic Quality. What if the message was communicated not by telling people what they need to do but by just actually doing it and showing them. What if the message was gritty enough to grab men’s attention. What if the truth of the Gospel radiated from every moment of the show as the men live out their lives on camera.

Would men be drawn to this? When they see other men dealing with the same issues that they do, but seeing them in a context of true manly brother hood.
Would women be drawn to this? They are our biggest proponents. They are desperate for us to provide them with something they can send to their husbands, their brothers, their sons and their grandsons too that communicates that it takes a real man to love Jesus.

How do we measure our success? Changed lives, restored families and Church-wide renewal.

Where Have We Been?

In Season One Bear return to the first place that the wonder of God opened to him as a youth on the shores of Monterey Bay & replicates in reverse a bicycle ride he made 20 years earlier pedaling his bicycle from San Diego CA to Jacksonville FL.

In Season Two (Released in June 2019) Bear & his pack roll thunder from Cocoa Beach to Miami & then ride to Key West with Arch Bishop Wenski in a pursuit of the Seven Virtues before returning all the way up the eastern coast to New Jersey for a Men’s Call to the Wall Rally.

Where Are We Going?

Now we need your help to shoot Season Three. It’s time to return to Bear’s home in the Hawaiian Islands to roll thunder on O’ahu, his home island of Molokai and the Big Island. The Hawaiian people had a tradition just like the Hebrews did in the Old Testament that provided a City of Refuge where if someone was facing a death penalty and they could get to that city before their pursuers they were allowed to live in sanctuary for the rest of their lives.  Molokai also has its own City of refuge on Kalaupapa peninsula. The lepers were exiled there, but through the ministry of Saint Damian and Saint Marianne it too became a city of love and healing. It became a city of refugees.  A city of refuge.

We invite you to join Bear Woznick and Deep Adventure Ministries Inc (501 C 3) and help empower us on our mission to roll thunder on motorcycles across the Hawaiian Islands  to evangelize men and challenge them to powerful Christian masculinity and to valiant devotion Jesus Christ and to the church.

We need to call men to tear down the Walls of Jericho that separate us from each other and from God.  To get real and to get gritty with each other and encourage and challenge each other. And we need to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem as Nehemiah exhorted the men to do in his time.  The walls were rebuilt by a man and his family and then another man and his family and they stood by each other with a drawn sword in shield guarding the other as he worked.

We want to come with our sword and shield to stand beside the good men of Ireland who are standing in the breach and making a stand to rebuild the walls of the family, the church and their country.

Our shows are evergreen and timeless in nature.  They do not have a limited shelf life. Their compelling message will be something that can be appreciated in years and years to come. 




We will be producing ten episodes that are twenty-eight minutes long.  The basic cost for production per the non-Hollywood budget is usually about $1000 per minute plus travel costs. To this we need to add our promotional budget to help get the word out and the distribution fees paid to get the show up on alternative platforms such as iTunes, Amazon Prime and other such venues.  We need your help towards our goal of $350,000 to produce Season 3 Long Ride Home –  and use it to bring the gospel to the world.

Deep Adventure Ministries uses a system called Patreon in order to develop a community of supporters and grow our programs and reach.   We invite you to partner with Bear and the team and Join the Pack!

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