Enjoy this excerpt from Bear’s forthcoming book – 26 Rules of Manliness

One of my uncles, Uncle Larry, once saw me sitting down and whittling. Boys whittled a lot when I was young. We all had some form of a pocket knife. I had my jack knife out and he saw me pulling the blade of my knife towards me as I carved on the stick. He sat down next to me and asked me “What are you making?” “I’m making my own bow and arrow.” As he watched me pulling the blade across the stick toward my stomach, he asked me if he could show me something. He took the knife and reversed the way the stick was pointing and whittled with the blade pointing the other direction away from his stomach. He said “this knife can cut you, it’s dangerous. So always carve with the blade moving away from you” and then he winked “so you cut the other guy not you.”

His little bit of humor stayed with me, even now every time I pick up a knife I remember that it is dangerous. A MacGyver tool can be dangerous. So is this book. So is God. So are you. It’s good to be a little dangerous. You will be even more dangerous when you apply the tools of this book. If you use it with respect you will radically change your life. This book is intended to be dangerous.

Life is dangerous, no one gets out of it alive. God is dangerous (“The Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom). By using the tools in this book you will be more dangerous too. If you choose to fully engage while reading it, this book can be a MacGyver to radically change your life. You want to be dangerous. You want to be counted among the men that when your feet hit the floor in the morning, the demons say “Oh no, He’s up.”

When I trained in the ninja art, I was fortunate to train with Bill Poett as well as Master Stephen Hayes the first white Ninja, again and again they would say as we trained, “Attack with intent. Make it real.” As you read this book attack it with intent. Make it real. Be determined to be dangerous.

Life is a journey, but you need to decide what path you are on. My cross country bicycle ride was more than just a journey, it was an adventure, so your properly handling this book will help you to make your life journey the meaningful adventure it is meant to be.