Let go of your net

fisherman-1592840_960_720If you ever want to see something kind of funny watch me throw Hawaiian net. When you toss this net the idea is it should land in the water and it should look kind of round like the island of Oahu. When I throw net it’s kind of long and skinny like the island of Molokai and you’re not going to catch many fish that way.

Once I was down by the harbor where the big ships come in, and there was a person down there that was throwing net. He walked down to the edge of the jetty and he got into position where he wanted to throw. When he finally threw the net he got entangled in it and he actually threw himself into the water.

This reminds me of our walk with the Lord. God wants us, as the Bible says, to “cast your bread upon the waters after many days it shall return to you”. We need to release to God our net. Let’s imagine that net is our career or how we provide for our families. We need to throw that net. We need to give it all to the Lord. We need to cast our burdens upon the Lord for He cares for us.

If we are striving so hard in our work so that we can have our own accomplishments, so that we can achieve our own goals, we will get entangled in that net. We become entangled as Jesus said in the worries and cares of the world. We need to throw our net out. As Scripture tells us, “but work is unto the Lord not as unto men for from Him comes our reward”.

Remember the great saints who were fishermen? Along comes Jesus, a carpenter, telling them to throw out their net on the other side and they hadn’t caught a fish all day. What happened when they trusted in the Lord? They brought in a great, great harvest. In your career and in your need for financial blessing throw your cares upon the Lord for He cares for you!