Aloha! This is Bear Woznick coming to you from my home in Waikiki Beach. Today I want to talk to you about the virtue of moderation. I remember once surfing with my buddies at County Line in Ventura California. Wally was there and, Cap was there, and we got out of

that freezing cold water. We went up to Neptune’s net and sat down having some hot coffee to keep us warm. One of

the people said, “You know what? The only thing we really need in life is new socks”.

In the islands we don’t wear socks but on the mainland a nice pair of new, like white, socks can be a real luxury. From then on that was

really about the only luxury I had in my life. I’d always buy about a dozen new pair of socks about every couple months and just enjoy those socks.

The next day we said, “Yep, that’s all you really need in life it’s a new pair of socks.” Then someone said, “You know what? You really need a bucket too because you got to have something to put your socks in.” The someone said, “You know what? What you really, really need in life is you need a surfboard.” Oh yeah that goes without saying you got to have a surfboard. Then someone said, “You know what? You need a

wax for your surfboard.” Then someone said, “You need a real cool car with surfer axed about your surfboard on.” Then someone said, “You know when it’s flat it’s a good time to go sailing. What you really need is a sailboat.”

So we had gone from this thing of being a minimalist and a detachment to wanting more and more and more. We call it being acquisitive. The first lesson we need to learn in life is detachment from things. The detachment from a need for power. Detachment from a need for money. Detachment from a need for glory.

Learn to detach from all these things that we think might console us and learn to find our only consolation in intimacy with God.

This is Bear Woznick coming to you from Waikiki Beach. Abandon yourself to the wild adventure of God’s will.