Aloha this is Bear Woznick and I’m coming to you from my home in Waikiki Beach with a Deep Adventure moment. I’m singing about a friend of mine, just don’t know I’m in Santa Cruz, and he’s one of the first men that went out and surfed Maverick’s huge gnarly cold wave. Forty-five foot faces. The lip of the wave is ten foot thick and it just throws in all kinds of ugly patterns. He got to the beach, he grabbed his big longboard, his Rhino chaser, his big wave gun, and he realized he didn’t bring his wax. He didn’t care. He said, “I’m gonna go out and paddle out anyway.”

He paddled out at Mavs, dropped in on a huge wave, and as he dropped in he stood up on his board. Now the reason why we have wax is it gives us traction on the board. It’s that paraffin type wax, a special kind of wax, and it gives us a grip on the board. He stood up on the board on one of the gnarliest waves you can ride and he started sliding down the face of the board. Then he did something worse. He started skipping across the surface of the water. When you wipe out on a big wave you want to drill a hole in that wave and go as deep as you can but he skipped across the face. He had a great a big wipeout.

Here’s the thing. Are you waxing up your surfboard? Another way to say it, are you keeping the fire hot? Another way to say it is are you sharpening your sword? Are you sharpening your blade? As men we need to be prepared for the battle. You need to keep your iron in the fire. You need to keep your blade sharp. You need to wax your surfboard and be ready because God is calling you to drop into big waves. bIf you don’t realize that you’re already out in huge surf. So spend your time in prayer, receiving the sacraments, reading scriptures, praying your rosary. the greatest most powerful way I know to pray an intercessory prayer other than the Eucharist.

This is Bear Woznick with a deep adventure moment. Keep your surfboard waxed.