Aloha! Prayer holds a special place in my life. I center every day around prayer and drawing close to the Lord, but I have a difficulty I must face it every day. The issue is my prayer time has to end at some point. I have to get up and leave and start my work day.

There’s a scripture verse that says, “I’m asleep but my heart is awake.” In the early morning hours, I can hardly wait to get up and go greet the Lord. I get up early and go down to the beach with my cup of coffee. I start my prayer time by reading the readings from Mass. I’ll pray the Liturgy of the Hours and the Office of Readings. I read a few pages from the Catechism and often I’ll read a chapter from the Imitation of Christ as well. I just let those times of prayer and those readings carry me into the presence of the Lord.

While I’m on the beach I see pelicans as they fly together. They just seem like one as they soar over the waves. They gracefully fly along the crest of the wave and their feathers almost seem to touch the water.

That’s the way my heart feels. I just feel so close to the Lord, such a desire to be one with Him. The sun comes up and I hold my breath through the sunrise and I say the Jesus Prayer. But there comes that time when I have to leave. I have to go and start the other part of my life. I bring the Lord with me and I cherish Him in my heart. I pray the Liturgy of the Hours throughout the day but it’s the hardest thing in the world is to leave my time of prayer in the morning.

This week I invite you to experience that time of prayer with the Lord every day. Whether you choose to read scripture, the catechism or something like the Liturgy of Hours. Just do it. Make time each day to spend it with the Lord.

Viva Cristo Rey!