#HEROICVIRTUE, Pay Tribute to a Hero & Inspire Virtue Around You

This Father’s Day season, let us know – who is your hero? Whose virtue has inspired you?

With your Twitter account, use the hashtag


Say something like:
“Lunch with Dad, he said _insert inspiration__” #heroicvirtue




Since Bear’s new book DEEP ADVENTURE – THE WAY OF HEROIC VIRTUE was just released, we want to hear what virtue means to you! We had an idea! Let’s celebrate the good going on around us while inspiring others to lives of virtue by spreading the word on social media.



Other ways to join the #heroicvirtue campaign:

  1. Submit a video to our Facebook publicly thanking someone in your life (maybe for dad – leading up to Father’s Day) who has demonstrated #heroicvirtue
  2. Snap and post a picture to our Facebook or post to our Twitter (don’t forget to add #heroicvirtue to your post!!) of someone giving food out the window of their car to a homeless person, or a dad coaching his daughter’s softball team, a teacher with in the classroom, a chaperone on a school field trip, or your friends helping you move! #heroicvirtue


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