Aloha! This is Bear Woznick coming to you from my home in Waikiki Beach. I’m looking across the channel past Diamond Head in the background and, then across that channel is the Molokai channel. It’s about 27 miles wide. I used to have a home in Molokai, you know the home of St. Damien and St. Mary Anne. My father was a deacon there.

I would sit at my home in Molokai and I’d look across that channel the Kiawe channel I go, “You know what? I could paddle that thing on my tandem surfboard.” People do it on special kind of paddle boards, the outrigger canoes, stand-up paddle boards; back then no one will stand up paddling but I thought, “I can do that.” Of course the minute you say I could do that it gnaws on you here, just gnaws on you.

So, I schedule the time. I made an appointment date on my calendar to make that paddle. I got up about 4:00 in the morning so when I left Molokai it was in the middle of the night. I’d set my compass on my surfboard and when I looked at my compass it was pointing directly at the full moon that was setting, on its way to setting in to Diamond Head crater. Once I laid down on the board I couldn’t see the crater but I could see the full moon. I followed that moon, I followed my compass, I followed the course.

In our lives sometimes we lose our way and it’s important just to keep going and going. You know the thing about it, when I paddled my bicycle across United States, when I paddled my surfboard 27 miles across the Molokai channel. The whole key to that was one pedal stroke at a time on my bicycle, one paddle stroke at a time on my surfboard.

As soon as you enter into an adversity you’re on your way out. The key is to set your compass to follow God’s will to stay the course and as soon as you enter into it the desert you’re on your way out the other side. So stay the course. Follow the true setting that you have in the Catechism of the Catholic Church and the sacraments.

This is Bear Woznick from Deep Adventure.