Renegade Rosary Run Event


Print the form provided and fill out the details as either an individual or team sign-up. Email form to

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January 16th – 17th 2016
(you choose Saturday or Sunday, and choose your time)


You are invited to be part of the Deep Adventure Ministry Tribe to participate in a 5 K intercessory prayer event called The Renegade Rosary Run. We challenge our Ohana throughout the world to paddle, run, walk, surf, swim, hike, skip rope, bike 5 K or if on a motorcycle 50 K.

Russia we see all of you who are following our ministry we need you to jump in the fight with us. Brazil, we need you too.  Europe, let’s go for it!

The classic Rosary is started with the three Hail Mary’s and three times around the rosary for a total of 153 Hail Mary’s the same number of fish that Peter, the great Fisher of Men counted, when Jesus told him to throw out his net and it almost broke.  Your first lap around the Rosary will be for deeper conversion of your friends and family, the second trip around the rosary will be for the impact of Deep Adventure to be blessed, your third trip around the rosary will be for your own intention.




Q: Why is the Rosary called a weapon?

A: Padre Pio proclaimed that the rosary was his great weapon. For me, it is one of my two weapons of choice. When you walk into the entrance of my home you see my second degree Ninja Blackbelt hanging on the wall and right there with it hangs my rosary. I would say I never really tasted beer until I tasted my first IPA. It can be said in the same way, that I never entered into the depth of intercessory prayer that I do now as when I pick up my rosary to intercede. I pray one decade each day for my children and when there is a need I go right into battle with my rosary, usually walking for miles down the beach fully engaged in the battle. The rosary is a great contemplative prayer tool but for me it is my weapon.

Q: How do I sign up?

A: Print the form provided and fill out the details as either an individual or team sign-up. Email form to

RRRSignUpForm >>

Q: What does it cost?

A: There is no cost to participate but we do ask for a $20 donation for each person who goes for it with us. If you send in $40 or more we will send you an event t-shirt!

Q: How will my donation be used?

A: Donations will go to the Deep Adventure Crisis Pregnancy Fund. After covering our direct costs of the event, our Deep Adventure Crisis Pregnancy Fund disburses to specific Crisis Pregnancy Centers. 

Q: What can I do to help promote the event?

A: We will be sharing memes and other social media through newsletters, on our website and through all our social media portals. In turn, you can use these to promote your local team event.

Q. Is this a one time event?

A: We will be doing this two times per year.

Q. How can I get more questions answered?

A: We will be hosting a webinar on January 5, 2016 at noon eastern. You can also email the event director Tony Orband at:

Q. What will be the specific intention of our prayers?

A: There will be three prayer intentions. Each lap around the rosary will have its own intention.

The first lap will be for Crisis Pregnancy Centers.

The second lap will be for Deep Adventure Ministries to be effective in the New Evangelization and lives will be transformed.

The third lap will be for you and your Ohana and any special intentions that you may have.

To this end we ask that you include your team members special intentions on the sign up form. We will print these out and carry them with us here on our run in Cocoa Beach!

Q: How can I help?

A: Send us pictures and stories of team meetings and the day of the event for use in our newsletter. Please send us your ideas or thoughts too!

Q: The whole Rosary and Mary thing confuses me. What’s the haps on this?

A: To our non-Catholic participants: Mary is, as the early church Fathers proclaimed, Theotokis. She is the God Bearer. She was and still is the Mother of God. It’s okay for you too to be thankful to Mary and ask her to pray for you. You do not have to be Catholic to do that.

Here is the prayer “Hail Mary Full of Grace the Lord is with thee. Blessed art though amongst women and blessed is the fruit of they womb; Jesus. Holy Mary mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death amen.”

You can see there is nothing offensive in that prayer where we somehow elevate Mary to the level of God or where we worship her in any way. Rather we come to her as Jesus did as a child and ask her for help. Just as you may go to your own mother and ask her to prayer. Mary as Christ’s mother desires the graces that she witnessed him merit for us on the cross to be released to us. Like any mother in this situation, she desires her son’s death to mean something and so she prays earnestly for each of us to receive the fullness of that grace.

The first miracle Jesus performed was at her request at the Wedding of Cana. She is our great intercessory prayer partner. She herself proclaimed “All nations shall call me blessed.” and so in this simple prayer we fulfill that scripture. You hear the words of Gabriel say: Hail Mary Full of Grace the Lord is with you. You hear the woman’s words who proclaimed blessed is the womb that bore you. You hear her called Mother of God for Jesus called her that as a child and proclaimed her to be our mother as he spoke to John, “Behold your mother.” You see her on her knees at her Son’s death when we ask her to pray for us at the hour of our own death too.

It’s okay for non-Catholics to pray the Rosary. It’s all scriptural and we too would object to anyone worshipping Mary. We love her and we know she is there for us, to pray for us!