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At Deep Adventure Ministries, we don’t often ask for donations, but the truth is, we need your support to continue bringing you life changing content.

For your gift of only $20/month (that’s less than a $1/day!), you’ll officially become a member of the Long Ride Home Pack but even more than that you will help us continue to touch lives.

Our voice brings hope to men in prison in Virginia who listen to our Deep Adventure Radio show together each week.

We are the voice that mothers, wives and grandparents have been searching for to reach the men in their lives with the gritty call of the Gospel.

Men who hear our message give their hearts back to their wives and children in servant leadership.

The young woman caught in a situation where the men in her life do not treat her with the dignity she deserves, finds hope as she sees a model of what true masculinity is in our programs.

Men around the world are beginning to gather for coffee in informal small groups once a week to listen to our Deep Adventure Radio show or watch Long Ride Home“, won’t you join us to reach even more and make an even  greater impact?

Become a member of the Pack today!

Pack members receive free Long Ride Home gear, as well as exclusive access to webinars, held the first Friday of every quarter.  These interactive “Call to the Wall” webinars feature a teaching by Bear and an opportunity to share your ideas and thoughts about our common mission….restoring male masculinity to a society that increasingly finds itself adrift.

Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to Deep Adventure Ministries today.

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Remember as a special thank you to anyone who makes a $20 a month minimum donation you will receive the following:

free Long Ride Home gear


Each quarter you will be invited to participate in a free interactive “Call to the Wall” webinar to share a teaching from Bear and to share your ideas and thoughts about our common mission.

Call to the Wall webinars are exclusive to those donating $20 per month or more and will be held the first Friday of every quarter.

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Your donation means so much to us. Whether you are making a one time donation or a monthly contribution, we want you to know that your generosity IS WHAT helps us to continue efforts that extend our ministry’s message to men and women we’d otherwise not be able to reach. Truly.

We are so grateful.