Aloha! This is Bear Woznick in my home in Waikiki Beach with another Deep Adventure moment. You know in Hawaii we have a word, a very special word, and that word is kuleana. If you go to the restaurant here and you see someone maybe busing the dishes when they’re really supposed to be waiting on tables maybe someone from the mainland will come and say I’m gonna go help this guy I’m gonna bus his dishes for him even though it’s not my job. That guy that you bus the dishes for, that brother as we would say here in Hawaii, will come up to you and say, “Brah, it’s my kuleana. What are you doing with my kuleana”? Kuleana is special here. It means it’s your responsibility. It’s like you own that kuleana. You own that responsibility. It’s very powerful and a very special word.

Men I want to speak to you directly right now. John Paul II, when he wrote his first book Love and Responsibility, aloha and kuleana, they must go together. Men so often you’re neglecting your woman. You’re not cherishing her. She’s your kuleana! So often you let her bring the children to church. Let her teach them the Bible stories. Men it’s your kuleana to lead your family, to teach them while you’re on the way with them.

Men you’re not cherishing your families. You’re not spending time in prayer. When the children wake up a little bit early they should see you in your chair praying. Men it’s your kuleana to pray for your family. It’s your kuleana to provide for them, to protect them, to cherish them, to be devoted to them, to lay your life down to them. Men step into your kuleana. It’ll open your life to the greatest adventure and the greatest fulfillment.

This is Bear Woznick with