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Make time for the faith and great things happen – Robert Tunmire

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I have great admiration for those with the entrepreneurial spirit who use their skills to evangelize. Robert Tunmire is one of those people and his journey is incredible. For much of his life Robert was not really interested in faith. He didn’t have anything against the faith….he just didn’t have time for it. [...]

There is a path forward – Father Mark Goring

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There are many challenges facing the Church and Christianity today. We have a clear choice. Will you stand back and watch? Or will you fight for our Church? I know what I’m doing! On this week’s episode, Long Ride Home cast member Father Mark Goring gives us a clear path forward and a [...]

Seeking freedom? – Nathaniel Binversie

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In today’s upside down world men are seeking freedom. Freedom from addictions like pornography, gadgets, and sports. Wouldn’t it be great if there were  a progam to help men break these shackles? Nathaniel Binversie is the Director of Missions for Exodus 90. I’m stoked to share with you this week all about this [...]

Jerome Richter – Pray or Die!

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Boy do I have a story to share with you this episode! The Church is big and as it has grown it has encountered various cultures and practices. When it does this it does not come into a culture and destroy it, it seeks out the beauty of those cultures and integrates their [...]

Witness to fitness – Dallas Carter

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I think in life sometimes we get hit right between the eyes with a reality check. When that happens we realize we need to make some changes. That’s what life is all about…growth and change. Such was the case when Dallas Carter faced reality and shed 200+ pounds. I’m anxious for you to [...]

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Jason Craig – Leaving Boyhood Behind

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Men all have to go through a right of passage from boyhood to manhood. As fathers, grandfathers, or male role models there are proper ways to make sure boys get the training to show them how to become strong, faith-filled men. It's all about mentorship. My guest this week is Jason Craig [...]

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Michael Westrick – Catholic Entrepreneur and Adventurer

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When it comes to business we need to understand that people are not simply cogs in a wheel….they are human beings. This is a very Catholic concept and one not always followed in the business world today. I met Michael Westrick at a Legatus meeting and knew I just had to have [...]

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Jesse Romero – Load up your toolbox! – Watch Now!

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Men you are standing in the breach between the devil and your family. Be a man with a disciplined prayer life. Be a contemplative thinking holy thoughts throughout the day. Put on sacramentals. Read the Bible daily. Go to Mass every week. Quit making excuses and be a man! Jesse Romero joins [...]

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What’s happening at Deep Adventure Ministries?

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Have you ever wondered about how I began Deep Adventure Ministries and it's purpose? This week Pete Socks comes on the show to turn the tables and interview me! We talk about what's going on in the ministry, what’s coming up plus great gifts for Father’s Day. Tune in and learn about [...]

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