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Fitness to Witness (Dr John Oertle)

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EPISODE 425 Part of being a good steward of what God has given us is being a good steward of our bodies as well. This week Dr. John Oertle gives us some advice on how to take care of this amazing gift of our bodies we have been given. Feeling tired, hungry all time, [...]

A Call to Manly Virtue (Deacon Harold Burke Sivers)

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EPISODE 424 Listen up! The Dynamic Deacon, Harold Burke-Sivers joins me this week. You won’t want to miss this episode as we discuss how to live a life of manly virtue. We need to build each up as brothers for the sake of our families and the Church. We must admit to ourselves, starting [...]

Financial Freedom thru Prudence & Fortitude (Tom Gryp)

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EPISODE 423 Looking for a little financial freedom in your life? Tired of living paycheck to paycheck or worried about the next unexpected bill to pop up? Tom Gryp, CEO of Notre Dame Federal Credit Union, joins us this week to give us some tips on how to build up financial security in our [...]

NFL Player challenges men to walk with God (Kevin O’Brien)

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EPISODE 422 How does an NFL linebacker go from the locker room to evangelizing for Christ? Kevin O’Brien former linebacker for the Buffalo Bills thought he had reached the pinnacle of greatness but, he felt empty inside. Listen in as Kevin tells us what he learned on his journey to discover Christ and in [...]

Going Deeper with God (Peter Andrastek)

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EPISODE 421 What does it take to do evangelization effectively? Forming and equipping the laity is where it all begins. My guest Peter Andrastek refers to this as apostolic holiness. I wondered what this was too. Watch this episode and find out this and more. Learn more about Peter’s work at Watch past [...]

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Jumping into God’s will (Tom Peterson)

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EPISODE 420 There is a great need for excellence in our lives but if that’s the focus of your meaning you are going to end up pretty empty. Tom Peterson, the founder of Catholics Come Home, experienced this. Listen in as he and I discuss how he shifted focus from material to spiritual, how [...]

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Baptist discovers beauty & truth in the Catholic Church (Troy Guy)

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EPISODE 419 My guest this week went from definitively believing there was no God to a realization that Jesus Christ truly did exist. This discovery, made through a single verse of Scripture, led Troy Guy to ultimately discovering the beauty and truth in the Catholic Church. Listen in and find out what grabbed him [...]

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Surfing as a metaphor for our walk with Jesus (Father Eric Cadin)

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EPISODE 418 When you are surfing you have to paddle out and then you wait. There is something extraordinary about that waiting. While floating you are held by this greatness, this power. We are waiting  but not alone. We are suspended, held and embraced all at once….by God. Father Eric Cadin joins me this [...]

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What it means to be a knight for Jesus Christ (Tom Sullivan)

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EPISODE 417 Want to be a warrior for Christ? Pray the Rosary! Tom Sullivan and Bear discuss how prayer, particularly the Rosary, is an essential weapon in the spiritual battle we find ourselves in today. Watch each episode of the Bear Woznick Adventure on YouTube! And don’t forget to hit the Subscribe button that [...]

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Stepping Out in Faith (Peter Bond)

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EPISODE 416 It's not easy...following the Lord, but sometimes we just have to do it. There comes a time each of us must seek the truth, step out in faith, and hold on for the ride. Listen in as Peter Bond and I talk about the fear and thrill of listening to God's call. [...]

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