Beware of murky waters

shark-in-murky-watersAloha! A while back here in Cocoa Beach. Florida, I was on my board paddling out and a shark brushed up against my calf and thigh. This is called taking a poor sample. I guess he rejected me! He didn’t like my taste and he swam off surfacing a bit and I could tell he was a pretty big shark.

This happened out in the murky water in Cocoa Beach, I didn’t know that there were sharks around. However, when I would walk along the waters of Waikiki, Hawaii the water is crystal clear, so we could see a shark clearly!
There is a lesson here, and that is don’t hang around in murky water. Sharks attack in murky water. They attack at night. They attack when they can come out of the darkness, when you’re not ready for them.

Don’t go to dark places! There are places on the internet you know you shouldn’t be going to, there are friends you probably really shouldn’t be hanging around. There are bars or other places you know are not the best place for you to hang out. There are television shows that you know are dark – you just shouldn’t be there. When you go top these dark places they open you up to the attack of the enemy.

The enemy is a shark looking to attack you. It’s very much like the attack you would have in a war zone, where there are demons all around you. You need to wake up and be on the alert! If your heart is focused on the Lord, if you’re pursuing the seven virtues – there is a clarity in your soul. There is a clarity in your spirit! And it gives you a sense of smell.

This smell is called the gift of discernment – when you sense that there is something in the water, when there is something there…a place you shouldn’t be…LEAVE.