Beware the man in the gray suit!

shark-674867_960_720Aloha! When I lived in Waikiki there was talk about the man in the grey suit. You know who I’m talking about? I’m talking about a tiger shark. Just beyond the reef they had these sightings of tiger sharks. A couple years ago they had been fourteen shark attacks which was more than the last ten years combined!

What was interesting to me is that it was big news. “A tiger shark was spotted out beyond the reef in Waikiki.” When the surfers talk about this they are all like, “Well that’s not really news. We know they are there. We just don’t normally see them.”

This struck me as kind of a wakeup call for us Christians. The enemy is out there. He’s prowling around, searching to see who he can kill and to destroy. We just kind of cruise around oblivious to the fact that he’s there. We need to be aware that we have an enemy. We need to realize that basically we are on enemy ground here. We are in a war zone.

If you are in a warzone and you are not aware of the fact that you are in a warzone…..dude….you are in TROUBLE! You have to be sure to wear armor and be sure to have your weapons with you. As Christians we need to be sure to stay close to Jesus. We need to receive the Eucharist and the sacraments. We need to spend time in the Word and in prayer. We need to spend time listening to the Holy Spirit and get our marching orders from him. In a sense the Holy Spirit will speak to us, guiding us, saying, “Don’t go there, go here.”

There are tiger sharks all around us. We want to paddle out on the waves of the Holy Spirit. Stay tuned into him and stay close to the Holy Spirit!