Bear’s Talk Topics

Bear speaks on a variety of topics depending on the goals of the event. However, some of the talks listed below are requested most often.

Deep Adventure - The Way of Heroic Virtue

– Series on the 7 Virtues. This can be a whole weekend conference or retreat.
– Single Talk on the Virtue

"Into the Breach"

Based on the story of Nehemiah rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem as each man and his family rebuilt one section of the wall at a time and calling out men today to do the same. To rise up and Stand the Ground.

I Have to Come Set a Fire

The Flaming Sword that guards the entry to Paradise must pierce our hearts. Every heart in heaven has been pierced.

Man Caves

A journey through the caves starting at Plato’s Cave and journey through the caves of scripture such as Elijah’s, the nativity, the Holy Sepulchre and the Caves of the Church such as the grottos of Mary and monks of the desert. All challenging men to have their own Man Cave to draw away and pray in and to draw other men to come and join him so that they can challenge and inspire each other.