Before the battle, comes prayer

Woznick-BreakPointDuring Episode Six of Long Ride Home, I talk about entering into spiritual battle. It’s time for us men to stop bending to the will of society, stand up, and be real men. To do that we must first turn to God in prayer. I sometimes pray the Liturgy of the Hours down by the ocean. Just me and God talking story.

One morning I saw the orange globe of the sun just burst above the ocean. The beautiful water was turning blue, and the orange sun was coming down towards me. It was a great time of prayer, and I was meditating on Elijah.
Elijah had challenged the province of Baal to have their god send rain and of course their god didn’t. Now Elijah had to show them the power of God. Elijah squatted down and put his head between his knees and prayed. That’s a very interesting position. That’s the position that women in those days used to give birth. God had given him a sense and a calling of what was to happen, but Elijah also knew needed to pray that into being. He was birthing the vision.

Elijah prayed and said to his servant, “Is there a cloud? Is there rain?”

“Nope, no rain yet.”

He prayed, he gave birth, he groaned like a woman in travail. “Is there rain coming?”, he said again to his servant.

“No, not yet.”

He prayed seven times, and on the seventh time, his servant said there is a cloud about the size of a man’s hand. Elijah said, “Let’s get out of here!” They got up and they started running down the mountain and Elijah was running so fast that he passed the king and his chariot.

You may be very involved in ministry. You may be running so fast that you can’t even seem to keep up with your mission. But you are going to get ahead of it. Take time to stop and pray. That’s the way God calls us. First, he gives us the vision, then we pray it into existence, and finally, we do the running. Don’t run until the power of the Lord is sending the rain of the Holy Spirit.

Until next week Viva Christo Rey!