About the Show

The “Bear Woznick Adventure” reaches millions of people each week on over 500 terrestrial radio stations, Sirius XM & shortwave radio heard at 6 PM eastern each Sunday.

In addition to Sirius, and FM radio, we record the show with a live video stream to Facebook & YouTube. Listeners can watch the live recording & even send in a text comment or question. You also can listen on several podcast apps anytime you want.

Where else will you hear professor of philosophy Dr. Peter Kreeft talk about his love for surfing & the Lord? Where else will you here author Mike Aquilina talk about his love for the Early Church Fathers and writing lyrics for Dion?

Where else will you here from so called ordinary men & women who embrace the challenges of living a life of virtue and outreach. Bear has found that we all have a Rocky Balboa overcoming type of story to tell.

Bear uses the style of the Hawaiian “Talk Story” tradition. It is not an interview show, it is more like two men sitting on the back deck having a whiskey & cigar and just talking but not just about politics and sports but about real stuff, the real challenge of life, and living a real faith.