About Ocean Sunrise Catechism

This is the Catechism like you’ve never experienced before!


Bear Woznick’s unique engaging style draws in his audience as they interact with him with comments and questions on this daily Facebook Live broadcast of a line by line exploration of the Catechism all with waves breaking in the back ground.  The show is aired at 7:00 am each morning based on the time zone of whatever beach in the world Bear happens to be each week day morning. This actually works out real cool, because people who may not be able to watch it live at 7:00 am eastern may be able to catch it when he broadcasts from his home in Hawaii or wherever else his ministry takes him.


A community forms along the daily thread with the comments about that days shows. People don’t just watch they participate by asking questions, making comments and through day posting about special prayer needs and words of encouragement.

The show remains up on Facebook and is also available on the Bear Woznick YouTube Channel.

The catechism gets a bad rap.  Some say it is too complex and it hurts our brains to try to understand. But Bear invites you to paddle out with each morning to break down the catechism line by line on a four year journey through the powerful insight of the magisterium of the church.

This is the Catechism like you’ve never experienced before!