Enjoy this excerpt from my forthcoming book – 26 Rules of Manliness

I headed down to my local bicycle shop in Thousand Oaks, California to pick up my bicycle that was being tuned up before I headed out on my two thousand eight hundred mile bicycle pedal from San Diego California to Jacksonville Florida. I really liked the owner of the shop and I asked him for any last minute advice that he might have for me before I headed out the next day. “Stay hydrated and be sure you have a MacGyver with you.”

I had never heard that term before and my puzzled look prompted him to pull out a tool from under his work bench. He showed me what looked like an enhanced version of the Swiss Army knife that my Uncle John had given to me when I was a boy. I loved that knife. To me it screamed adventure, as should this book do for you. I would strap it onto my belt along with my small hatchet and then I would head out on one of my long hikes over the hills of Corralitos, CA to my favorite trout fishing stream. I was just hoping something adventurous and unexpected would happen so that I could use the small saw, or blade or other tools that my swiss army knife held.

The MacGyver that I bought from the bicycle shop owner had a knife, two different screwdrivers, a pliers, scissors, a file, some wrenches, a saw, a spork and even a bottle opener. The fact is that I used that tool almost daily on my ride over mountains, across deserts and through tropical storms. I still carry one with me in my motorcycle bag, my truck and even my beach bag. I used it yesterday tightening my fin screw before a surf contest.

Think of this book as a MacGyver tool for a manly life. It isn’t something to just be looked at, it is something practical that you can interact with and use as a real tool to advance in different areas of manliness. After you have read the first chapter you can skip around and read any chapter that you think will help you or challenge you the most. Eventually read every chapter, but what I am saying is that you do not need to read them in sequence. Life comes at us often in a very random asymmetrical way. So does this book.

More excerpts to come in the weeks ahead as I write this new book.