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Bear Woznick’s Deep Adventure Ministries challenges men & women to abandon themselves to the wild adventure of God’s will and the pursuit of virtue.

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EWTN’s Long Ride Home TV

Bear Woznick & his pack rev up for a cross country motorcycle adventure through the deepest and most remote terrains of America in pursuit of brotherhood,  virtue and a deeper walk with God.

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EWTN’s Bear Woznick Adventure

Video Version Now Available. Bear uses the Hawaiian Talk Story approach to draw his guests into lively & gritty conversations about their adventures in the pursuit of the virtue and a deeper walk with God .

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Bear’s Man Cave is a private Facebook Group that you can only join here. Join the brotherhood where we all challenge, equip & mobilize each other in the virtues and in servant leadership.

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Eileen Lundy – Licensed Counselor Florida

“The adventures and testimonies I encounter in viewing Long Ride Home as well as The Bear Woznick Adventure & the Ocean Sunrise Catechism and reading Bear’s books have opened up new horizons for me in my Christian journey. If they are gritty enough for men, they are real enough for women.”
Ocean Sunrise Catechism

Wake up with Bear Woznick DAILY on Facebook Live at 7 a.m. BT * as he takes viewers on a journey of teachings through The Catechism of the Catholic Church.

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Bear Woznick’s Books

Learn more and get your copies of  Bear Woznick’s books “Deep in the Wave: A Surfing Guide to the Soul” and “Deep Adventure: The Way of Heroic Virtue”

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Bear’s Donor Luau

Bear has stepped out into the Breech.  Step out with him and you’ll get a personal invite to our yearly Luau for all of our supporters and partners!  Roll thunder!

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Ace Bagely – President of Knights on Bikes with 4000 members & growing.

“Bear’s Deep Adventure Ministries brings men from all walks of life together. Bear fosters a sense of community in so many powerful ways where Men come together sharpening our understanding of God and his unconditional love for us and making us stronger men and role models.”
Bear’s Mug Club

Knowing that you are “stepping into the breech” with us financially to help one of the most unique and effective evangelistic outreaches in the world today.

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Knights on Bikes

Learn more and get your copies of  Bear Woznick’s books “Deep in the Wave: A Surfing Guide to the Soul” and “Deep Adventure: The Way of Heroic Virtue”

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A pilgrimage with Bear is an adventure into the Catholic History & a venture into a deeper walk with God. Go Deeper with God as we walk the footsteps of St.Paul.

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