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Deep Adventure Highlights 2015 – 2016 Slideshow

Deep Adventure Quest Men’s & Women’s Retreats, Renegade Rosary Run, Stand Up Paddle Board Bioluminescence Tours, DAR Ohana pics, Bear Surf & Speaking

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No matter who you are or where you’ve been,

you are welcome here.

The heart behind every message we send you, radio show you listen to, retreat you join us for, or page you read from our books, is to meet you where you’re at and challenge you to dive deeper in your relationship with Christ.

You are a part of something big. God is transforming lives each week through our ministry’s Deep Adventure Radio Show and podcast, where EWTN host Bear Woznick invites inspiring guests from every walk of life to share their stories of transformation in Christ. Show topics are inspirational, challenging, and scripture-based. We discuss real life —  real questions, real hardship, real victory, and the really wild adventure God has for each of us when we abandon ourselves to His will for our lives! 

Deep Adventure Radio exists to reach people for Christ, across the globe, from Alaska to Russia and everywhere below and in between. We are a growing listener base of 3 + million, and heard on over 300 stations every Saturday at 6pm ET.

Listen Online to recent and past Deep Adventure Radio shows.


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